Flips Headphones


Product Review: Flips Headphones/Speakers Hybrid by Flips Audio

Price Range: $120 – $130

Who Would Buy The Flips Headphones: Those looking for the coolest high-definition headphones out there that also turn into powerful speakers.

Amazon.com is the best place to buy the Flips Headphones

Flips Headphones - Solo and Social

Flips Headphones – From Solo To Social In A Flip

The purpose of the Flips Audio Headphones is to provide you with high definition audio headphones combined with powerful speakers by simply flipping the ear cups around.


The Flips Headphones are the first headphones to combine HD headphones together with amplified speakers. I love taking these bad-boys with me everywhere I go. I seriously can’t imagine listening to music without them anymore and still have no clue as to why I’ve been using cheap no-name brand headphones up until now.

The first of their kind, these headphone/speaker hybrids literally take you from “Solo to Social” with a flip. In headphone mode they have a nice, high-definition sound that hits the full range of highs and lows. With a 180° flip of the ear cups you’re now in speaker mode, giving you a wider and more powerful amplified sound. A nice safety feature built into these headphones to protect your ears, is the “Safety Flip”, which ensures that the amplified speaker mode will only engage when pointed out and away from your ears.

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They’re lightweight but sturdy, they used memory foam so they’re really comfortable, and the ear cups are vented so my ears don’t get too hot. I have to tell you I get plenty of use out of both the headphone and speaker modes. Whenever I’m at the public gym working out around people I don’t know very well, I use the Flips in headphones mode. But when I’m working out with my friends at the college gym, I always flip these around and can blast music that me and my friends can enjoy while we workout.

Flips HD Headphones

One of the things about the Flips Audio headphones is the amount of attention I get from wearing them wherever I go. It’s a really cool electronic to have that most people haven’t seen before. I get a bunch of questions and sometimes people randomly ask me to play their favorite songs. It’s great for starting conversations and meeting new people who enjoy listening to the same style of music that I like.

Flips Headphones has the powerful rechargeable lithium ion battery, so I have plenty of power to keep me going the whole day. It’s charged via USB so I can charge it in my room or in my car. A very nice thing about the lithium ion battery is that the power doesn’t drop with the charge of the battery, the power is constant. That means if you do run the battery all the down, you get the same powerful sound all the way to the end.


None so far – will keep you posted.


The Flips Audio Headphones come with a 90-day full replacement plan from the date of your purchase.

Value for money?

Flips Headphones take listening to music to the next level. Flips Audio has their finger on the pulse of today’s social-oriented culture. We all have times when we just want to be alone and chill with our favorite tunes; and other times when we just want to be in the crowd slammin and jammin. Grab a pair of Flips and if you’re anything like me, I guarantee you’ll thank me for turning you on to them.

Where to buy:

Amazon.com is the best place to buy the Flips Headphones. They always have the best price of course but their customer service is second to none.

Headphones Get Flipped

Solo to socialHeadphones are not a new novelty, they have been around since before the appearance of e-mail, but still they are getting better and better. Of course all headphones have speakers, but not all headphones have speakers that you can flip to let other people listen with you. That leads me to a few comments I have about other listening devices.

Personally I am frustrated with the promises made by advertisers for listening devices made for smart phones, mp3’s, etc. I read the reviews and they say things like the sound will be amplified, but sometimes the amplification is sub-par. I need loud. I am not saying I am hard of hearing, but I just want to hear the music I enjoy at levels I enjoy. If they can’t do that, they shouldn’t say they can.

An example of such a listening device in my opinion is ear buds. First off, they kind of hurt. They are made of hard plastic and they don’t fit ears comfortably. That is why I would say take time when you are shopping for headphones or headsets to determine the material used that will be against your body. It makes sense that a soft material would be more comfortable for long periods of time?

Also, if you are like me, no matter how comfortable headphones are they sometimes need to be adjusted. I wouldn’t recommend buying any headset that doesn’t adjust. Another feature to take note of would be the weight of the product. All headphones are not created equally. I prefer feather light type myself. The size of the headphone matters too. Have you ever seen someone wearing a pair that made them look like they had frisbees on their head? I have many times. I am not going for that look, and you probably aren’t either. Try them on and look in the mirror. Be my guest, you could get a good laugh or you might realize how cool you look.

I haven’t mentioned headphones that are wireless yet. There are so many features with a Bluetooth to talk about. You can control the volume, channel, device, and even the selection of music you want to listen to from a smartphone. You can even switch from one device to another. Imagine with me, watching a movie with your wireless Bluetooth headphone and getting a phone call. You don’t miss the call you just switch over to the call, and when the call is done the movie or music pick right back up. I love it.
There you have it. This is just a few of the devices you can use to listen to all your favorite books, music, and movies on. Happy listening to everyone out there and let me know if this helped you.

Why You Should Go For Headphones

Entertainment Everywhere

Whenever you go out these days you see people on the city bus, trains, walking and running with headphones.  They have so many to choose from; there are small ear buds, normal size headphones or the new Flip headphones. They are everywhere you look. This allows people to entertain themselves while working out, talking on the phone, and walking their dogs. There is always a use for headphones.

Flips Headphone

We talk about those that use them for ‘on the go’ listening which is one of the top reasons to own a pair of comfortable headphones. But what about those that are sitting at home playing games? Parents, this is the best invention since bubble gum! If you have a child or teen at home that plays games, there is hope for you yet. When you give your kids a set of headphones they like, they generally see it as something “cool and new”  and not as a savior to YOUR ears. It’s a win/win situation. Most gaming systems (portable and home systems) offer an audio jack that allows headphones to be plugged in, taking the sound from the television speakers to your headphone speakers.

Leave your Stereo Home

Another great reason to have a headset is for traveling. Let’s stop and think about it for a minute. For all of you who travel for work or pleasure, having a pair of headphones for your flight is a great way to relax study or listen to your music. Along with that thought, for those of you who use public transportation, this is a great source of blocking out your long work day and unwinding on your way home. Screaming kid on your train? Simple, put on some music and listen to your headpiece not the screaming child.  Have some voice mail you need to catch up on? Your headpiece can be connected to your phone, and you can listen and reply to your messages.  There are a multitude of reasons why we want to ‘block’ out the everyday sounds of the world, headpieces are a great source for doing so.

People don’t realize how many times they use their electronics on a daily basis. Everywhere you turn people are using their phones for video, phone calls, texting, emails, games and more. Your headphones can be attached to your phones for privacy, personal gaming, listening to your favorite music or radio station and more, all without bothering anyone around you.


Flips Audio – The Company

The Origin

My Flips Well, it’s a rather simple story with a great result. The bottom line is Flips Audio was created from four friends. Each offering their own specialty to the new product; the group was made up of one MIT specialist, a producer, a designer and lastly the business man, an entrepreneur. With that in mind, this is where the story started. With the four of them working together, they were able to create the stylish and well rounded set of headphones featured on this site.

With each of them offering their own “what if” questions and ideas to the creation of the headphones, they were able to put together Flips Headphones. After about a year and a half, they were able to start selling their new product on their website, and eventually in stores across the United States.

The difference between the Flips Headphones and typical headphones is rather simple. These offer two forms of music pleasure. For solo listening, they offer a solo positioning, which is what your average headphones will do. Then there is another positioning where you are able to convert the headphones into speakers for a crowd to enjoy as well. In this mode they offer amplified sound, and will last roughly 2-3 hours.

The Flips will also come with a rechargeable battery that will only be used when in speaker mode. The designers of the product also want you to get the best investment for your money, and with that in mind, they offer a full 90 day warranty on the headphones as well.

This has only been on the market for a few years now, and with that in mind, they are currently available in two locations, as mentioned earlier. Within a few years they hope to offer more selection, colors and availability. If you order your Flips headphones online, you will get them within 7-10 business days, and once they arrive, you have the option to register your new toy online through their website. There are specials and advantages to registering your new headphones which regular buyers will not get.

Often times people ask if their electronics are compatible with the Flip headphones and the answer is simple, the four designers of the product wanted to make sure they were easily accessible and usable for everyone so they made the audio port to the universal size of 3.5 mm. All electronics with a universal port will be compatible with the Flip headphones.


Flips Headphones – Clearing All Doubt

Getting Started

Flips Headphones are uniquely designed to portray an elegant look. The headphone is made outstanding by its unique flip capability from single user, solo mode, to social user, social mode.

Its body is made solid to enhance durability unlike many other plastic headphones, and right now it is available in two bold colors, black and white.

The Flips are professionally designed to avoid any medical defects brought on by loud music. Many will refer to these headsets as ‘revolutionary’ and maybe that is the case. But the bottom line is, these are different from other headsets because of the way they were built, and the materials that were used to build them. They are not made from ‘cheap’ plastics. Instead, they are made with bendable, durable materials that are light and comfortable when wearing them, and long lasting for all weather and situations.


A revolutionary innovation in audio products, Flips Headphones allows the user to choose how they experience their favorite music.  They can be used like conventional headphones, or you can chose to invert them and use them like you would a set of stereo speakers. They have a cool, contemporary look that appeals to a wide range of music lovers.  Plus, they are the product of the collaboration of four gentlemen who were looking to enhance their music listening experience, so make sure you read on and learn all about, Flip the company in my next article.

Its Unique Specs

This is where the ‘revolutionary’ steps in. Here you are able to use the Flips headphones for single use and transform them into a crowd pleasing, amplified speaker. And we do mean for crowds. This isn’t your typical “speaker” feature on a cell phone or standard headset. These were designed to offer amplified music and resolution through their small speakers, and convert back to solo use as well.

The Flip headphones were designed to work with most electronics. You want to look for an audio jack that is 3.5 mm in size. It was important to the designers of the Flip headsets to offer a product that would work with all universal audio jacks.


Well again the designers had their clients in mind; with the Flip headphones you will also receive a universal charger and a rechargeable battery pack, which you will use when you have the speakers in “speaker mode”. When you are using this ongoing in music mode you will have about 3-4 hours of playtime before the battery drains. When not in-use you want to leave your headphones in solo mode, and when your battery is drained you may still use the headphones in solo use until they have charged.